How to earn money?

Don’t want to trudge to work? Do you want to earn money directly from your home? We are offering you a unique opportunity how to turn your plans into reality.
Don’t worry. We do not want to sell you anything. We are offering you free advice on how to obtain these earnings. Reading and choosing to follow the advice is solely up to you.
You will generally find a lot of advertisements on the Internet, which offer work from home. However, they usually have one of two problems. Either the offered work is so complicated that not everyone can do it or it is too easy but the earnings are very low.
If you follow our advice, the method will be easy and still work.
All you have to do is devote a few minutes of your time to reading this article. In it, we are describing an easy way of earning money over the Internet, which will quickly turn you into an incredibly wealthy person !!!.


Who are we?

We are all former students of the Faculty of Mathematics-Physics at Charles University in Prague. Our concentrations are various statistical methods and probability analyses, which are naturally very well applicable to playing gambling games. We have also done it and we were able to win very interesting amounts during our studies.

As they say, today “we’re in the clear”, we have money saved up and we will never have to work again. Since we no longer need money, we have decided to share our methods with you.

How can I earn more than € 100 everyday at an Internet casino?

You should know that Internet casinos have a bet return of 97 percent, which means that for every € 100 that someone bets there, the players win € 97. This is a lot higher than in actual casinos, which usually have a bet return of 40 percent.

The important thing is that the casino has no way of checking you. You have as much time as you want to play the game. Therefore, you set your own pace. The limit for minimum bets is very low as opposed to actual casinos. Most important of all, you can practice every game in the game mode when you play for free without real bets.

How to win?

There is a certain element of luck in every game. However, with the aid of statistical methods, we have found a winning game method even if luck is not on your side.

How does this method work?

This method is based on betting on a color and every time you lose, you double the bet on black or red, depending on which color you are betting on.
If you proceed according to the steps mentioned below, you will immediately understand how the method works.

Start off by playing with a deposit of 100 Euros. (Casinos use Euros). Always bet 1 Euro, so 1 percent of this amount. Once you have 200 Euros, start betting 2 Euros and so on. Always bet one percent. However, if you want to be one hundred percent certain, always start off betting 1 Euro. In this way, you will avoid situations, where 5 colors will come up in a row (the maximum is 6 colors).

In the first round, bet one Euro on red. If you win, all is good. If black comes up, you lose one Euro. Then, in the second round, bet 2 Euros on red. Then, if you lose again, bet 4 Euros and so on. Always double your bets, until the color, which you need, comes up.

Even if luck is not on your side, sooner or later, the color, which you need, will come up. This is where the magic lies in this method. Don’t rely on luck but on the laws of probability, which apply to everyone.


Once you win, change the color. So, if you bet on red, now bet on black. If you bet on black, now bet on red. The same applies to bets placed on even/odd or high/low numbers.

Don’t forget :

If you win, change the color and start off with the lowest bet again. If you lose, keep betting on the same color but double the bet.

How long to play :

If you play too long, you could be exposed after all and be forbidden from playing. We recommend going to another casino once you win triple the original amount.


Do not try to play this method in normal casinos under any circumstances. They know this method there and once they realize that a player is using it, they usually forbid him from playing and have security guards, who are usually not friendly, escort the player out.

Try out our proven casino and earn money!

Your letters:

Hi, I’m George. I was introduced to online roulette thanks to a friend. Since he was fairly successful, I said to myself that I have to try it also. I will neither elaborate on the details nor on my strategy, because all of you will perfect it on your own. I only recommend using the money given to you by the casino to start off with. It is a new trend. The casino gives you the first deposit. So, you will win money for the second deposit and all other deposits following, thanks to the first deposit. You will find everything on the web pages and people really speak well of this game. My friend is not the only person who told me about roulette, which can be played online. Plus, I have to admit that it is the only game, which I truly enjoy playing. Everyone likes money, or not?

Hello. I have to admit that I am not a fan of gambling. I avoid casinos and even pubs, which have more similar gaming machines altogether. However, once I started playing online roulette, I realized why people are so attracted to it. Online roulette is not typical gambling. It is completely under your control and from the beginning you don’t put a penny of your money into it. It is more of an entertaining activity, basically a computer game, which is played online. It is enjoyable to bet and if you are lucky, you can really win a nice amount of money. This is what I enjoy the most about it. It is a matter of luck, strategy and a good guess. I have already won around tens of thousands of Crowns and I haven’t been playing very long. Moreover, I like the fact that I can play in a relaxed atmosphere, have coffee and so on. So, I like the game and sincerely recommend it.

Hi. My name is Jindra. I like playing roulette. I play a type of game on the computer called online roulette or just roulette, I don’t know. I started playing about a month ago. The game is really good. Not long ago, I won so much money that I could finally buy the cell phone I wanted. When I counted it, not long ago, I added up the money I make at work with the money I win, I have more money than my parents’ retirement combined. That’s quite awesome. I think that soon I could also have money for a new computer. I will start saving up for it from the money I win. I have already started. It will be great because I will buy a new computer, which everyone will envy. Have a nice day!

Thank you for your responses and tips. Please keep writing them to us.

image 50 euro

Your Chart of Winnings :

Name or nickname Winning amount
Tomas P. € 40 per day
Míra € 232 per day
peprnik € 600 per weekend

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